Our practices

Our coached practices run every Sunday from 12-2 at Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre. Click here to find out more about joining us. Our members also organise midweek practices every now and then, which are self-funded free skates.

A session can look a little like this:

  • Names and pronouns shared with the group
  • Off-skates warm up
  • First 45 mins of drills, generally non-contact, and moves at the pace of the person who is finding it most difficult
  • Second 45 mins of drills, usually contact-based and focused on intermediate and advanced skating.
  • 15 mins stretching/flexibility training

Anyone can sit out at any time with no questions asked. We have regular water breaks, and mark out a ‘no-communication zone’ in the corner of the hall. If anyone needs some time alone, they can sit here and won’t be disturbed by anyone.

George Gorewell drew a cartoon explaining about our ‘thumbs up’ system for skaters who are sitting out.